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Residential Services

Our residential locksmith services cover everything you need for your home.

From the usual stuff like locks and rekey and to other things that you don’t always think about like a basic peephole and security features. 

A lot of people decide to change their locks while moving into a house and not necessarily waiting for something to happen with their locks.
Changing locks can be for so many reasons such as:
Moving into a new house, changing tenants at rent renew.
Burglary attempt are also just a basic needs for higher security locks.  
In case you decide you want save a few dollars there’s always an option of re-keying your locks, but that can only happen if the locks are in good working condition, rekey a lock means that you are keeping the locks and only changing your keys, when doing so no other old key will ever work on that locks. 
When changing locks in your house one thing to make sure to remember it’s to set priorities and what types of locks you need to secure your house, call us at (310) 857-2495 for fast reliable service.
There is always off the shelf brands that are more common to use at your home or the other option is to ask a locksmith for their best recommendation in whatever situation you may be so you can feel secure.